Tishangi & Vaibhav’s Wedding & Reception

Tishangi & Vaibhav’s Wedding & Reception @ Armani Hotel, Pavilion

Tishangi & Vaibhav’s Wedding Ceremony and reception, January 18th, 2020 at the iconic Armani Burj Khalifa , Dubai This was a wedding of two very accomplished and senior surgeons from USA. Tishangi Kumar is heart transplant surgeon who was born and raised in Dubai. Vaibhav Agrawal, a stem cell surgeon born and raised in USA. It was truly a fairy tale wedding ceremony. A tunnel of magnolia trees, fresh revival pink orchid strings, foliage, hanging champagne gold lamps, garden path with hurricanes filled with water and candles, a golden frame with the initials of the bride and grooms in soft pastel petals, all of this leading up to the most stunning stage with hanging hydrangea petal strings, laced flower chandeliers, regal yet feminine in the nuances of the colors which were used. It was a beautiful blend of pastel pink, peach with burgundy, red and tangerine orange. The enthralling moment was that the first time in the history of destination weddings in Dubai and the Armani hotel, a full baraat was arranged for the first time ever! Armani Burj Khalifa with a traditional horse, dholwalas and all the fanfare which is an integral part of all Indian weddings. The dancing, dhol beats, the family cheer, hugs, welcome songs continued for 45 minutes around the fountain inside the Armani Hotel. The permissions, security, the protocol which had to be pursued for months was handled in an exemplary manner by BAQAA’s founder, Rachna Chadha. The Groom Vaibhav was ushered in with pomp and show. The endearing entry of the Bride Tishangi with her brother Apurve under a transparent umbrella with pastel flowers to match the concept, had all the guests clicking pictures and some had tears rolling down. The Jaimala at sunset with amber skies against the iconic Dubai fountains was another first and wow moment at this grand venue. The traditional pheras around the pious fire and wedding wows were performed for the first time at this venue at the Burj Khalifa. The guests were mesmerized by the entire experience which kept unfolding like a movie. This event was attended by 300 guests. The grand wedding reception for 600 guests. While the guests changed into their evening gowns, within an hour BAQAA turned around the vibe of the venue with curtains of fairy light on the looming walls of the venue, the trees, the bushes, the candles were added, lit, the main stage was converted into an elegant reception stage all ready for the couples entry, first dance, the bride’s dance with her father, the grooms dance with his mother. Live entertainment, special effects, grand culinary experience by Armani kept adding to the experience for the guests. Another first for the wedding was the special presence of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Makhtoum for 45 minutes at the event. The bride Tishangi thanked Rachna Chadha for the 3 day dream wedding and said every effort, detail and moment was heartfelt. This 3 day destination wedding in Dubai was definitely one which will be remembered for a long time by the fraternity, friends and family.it has definitely set new benchmarks for destination weddings by BAQAA ❤🙏 @tishangi @vaibhav.agrawal1 @dr_atulk @apurve_kumar @labdoc @armanihotel

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